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Welcome all to the Home of Illusion. I am proud to bring you the release of our very own website. Please look around and tell me if you would like something added or replaced on the site. The join guild function does work so feel free to join the site.. I will be adding news and announcements as we go, so keep checking back for more new material and information.. If you are having trouble signing up please read the guild news..


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Brumere, May 26, 11 9:02 AM.

I'm sorry to say that is the case for user names.   However, once they have an account,  they can set a “Handle”, this is set by each users.  The handle will show up in post forums and on the roster (ALONG with the user name.) 

Another thing some sites do is set up a naming rules for user accounts like everyone’s user name has to be “character name _Aion”   “Blaze_Aion”.  

At the time of this writing, the registered user base for GuildPortal is approaching half a million users.  Because of that, more common fantasy-style names are already taken by active users.  Even though your name is unique in your guild, GP accounts are global to the service (for example, with a GP account, you can post in your allied guild's forums as well as your own, or even in the forum of a guild that's on another game that you play).

One suggestion would be to try the name again, but with a small variation like adding the abbreviated name of the game you play to the end of the name.  For example, if the login name you want is AxeMaster, then you could append the game to the end and try AxeMasterEQ.

That said, we do have an automated process that periodically changes the names of inactive accounts (accounts that have not logged in for a year or more) by adding a _ to the end of the name, thereby freeing up the name for re-use.

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Illusion is recruiting Active people of all class's and lvls..Siege almost Daily, run instance's daily(when we can)...We are a great group of people who help each other out..We are a drama free guild so pls no drama...
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